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Male Breast Reduction and the Important Difference between Gynecomastia and Pseudo-Gynecomastia

According to a recent article published by the Cleveland Clinic, men who have particularly large or feminine looking breasts are some of the most common male patients seeking plastic surgery. Yet, the article explains that these large breasts can be caused by several different factors. One of the common causes is called gynecomastia, a benign enlargement of the breasts often caused by a problem with the glands or a hormone imbalance. Other patients simply have what’s called pseudo gynecomastia, or enlarged breasts caused by a normal build-up of fat that has more to do with general weight problems rather than hormones. It’s clear that gynecomastia and pseudo-gynecomastia require distinct treatment approaches:

  • Gynecomastia – This condition is characterized by the male breasts being enlarged more than would be with normal weight gain. Gynecomastia is often due to hormonal imbalances, and in addition to enlargement, it can lead to tenderness or pain. Because gynecomastia is caused by glandular enlargement in addition to fat, treatment often requires removal of both the fat, and some of the glandular tissue.
  • Pseudo-Gynecomastia – While enlarged breasts may cause the same physical or social discomfort no matter what is behind them, it is often the case that it is fat alone that is making the breasts look more feminine. An uneven build-up of fat during a weight gain may cause male breasts to become larger in proportion to other parts of the body. Rather than having to remove any glandular tissue, this can be corrected with targeted liposuction. In fact, liposuction, for pockets of fat all over the body, is increasing in popularity with male and female patients alike. While it’s important to note that liposuction is never intended to be a solution to a weight problem, it can be extremely effective at removing fat in certain areas where it tends to build up more than others.

While many unfamiliar with plastic surgery think that it is something only elected by females, more and more male patients are seeing the advantages of plastic and cosmetic surgery each and every year. Here at Beverly Hills Physicians, in addition to male breast reduction surgery to correct gynecomastia, male patients often request procedures such as rhinoplasty (nose job), blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), and even Botox.


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