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Losing Weight with Surgery Has Many Health Benefits

Losing Weight with Surgery Has Many Health Benefits

Beverly Hills Physicians is the top resource in Southern California for bariatric surgery. If you’ve been struggling with obesity for most of your life, weight loss surgery might be your best option for leading a healthier life. Many health risks have been associated with being overweight, such a heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Overweight people also suffer from a lack of energy, trouble sleeping, joint pain, and depression. But with the help of weight loss surgery you can significantly lower the risk of obesity-related health issues and gain much needed self-esteem.

The surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians regularly perform a couple of different types of bariatric surgery. Lap Band and gastric sleeve are two of the most popular options. The decision between these two surgeries ultimately comes down to personal preference and a recommendation by your surgeon. Medical and family history could have an impact on which surgery is right for you. Many people opt for Lap Band because it’s not permanent, while others go for gastric sleeve because of its proven track record. Another option is Lap Band revision to gastric sleeve.

Beverly Hills Physicians is the best place in the Los Angeles area for incredible surgeons who care about helping their patients lead healthier and happier lives. If you think you might be interested in weight loss surgery but need to learn more, our friendly team of wellness professionals are willing and eager to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to set up a free consultation with one of our surgeons.

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