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Losing Significant Weight with Gastric Balloon

Losing Significant Weight with Gastric Balloon

Weight loss surgery options like Lap Band or the gastric sleeve aren’t right for everyone. For some people it’s because they aren’t interested in surgical paths. For others, the reason is that they don’t qualify for bariatric surgeries. In order to get weight loss surgery, you need to be over 35 BMI with an accompanying obesity-related illness. Even if these particular procedures aren’t quite right for you doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Beverly Hills Physicians is a network of surgeons, doctors, and wellness experts who are dedicated to helping people like you feel healthy and happy again.

The non-surgical procedure that’s changing the way people see weight loss options is gastric balloon. With the Orbera balloon, you don’t need to have an obesity-related health risk or meet the same BMI standards as bariatric surgery. The procedure consists of a balloon being inserted in your stomach through your mouth and throat. Your throat is numbed during the procedure, causing you very little discomfort. Once the balloon is in your stomach, it’s inflated to fill your stomach a bit. This way, you’ll feel much fuller after your meals. Since the procedure is temporary, you’ll lose weight without changing your entire life.

Beverly Hills Physicians is the leading resource for procedures like gastric balloon, Lap Band, and sleeve gastrectomy in Los Angeles and around the world. We have a large network of the best specialists in all of their respective fields, including bariatric procedures. With offices all over Southern California, it’s easier than ever before to find the perfect doctor that you can trust with your future health and happiness. Call today to set up a free consultations.

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