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Look to Beverly Hills Physicians for Excellent Mommy Makeover Results

Look to Beverly Hills Physicians for Excellent Mommy Makeover Results

A mommy makeover is the procedure that refers to a series of cosmetic operations specifically designed to correct the unfortunate effects of childbearing. While motherhood is a beautiful thing and raising a child is an incredible gift, the problem with pregnancy is that is often negatively affects the body by causing the abdomen to protrude and making the breasts sag and lose volume. While many women love the way their breasts look at the beginning of the pregnancy, they are often displeased with the fact that the breasts go back to their original size or even smaller once they lose the baby weight. Stubborn fat deposits may not come off, either, and this can be rectified through liposuction in the mommy makeover.

Common aspects of a mommy makeover include the tummy tuck, medically known as abdominoplasty, which involves the removal of stretched out skin and fatty tissue that often plague mothers, especially if they have given birth to large newborns. Patients are often delighted with the results of their mommy makeover, and volunteer to be in Beverly Hills Physicians’ plastic surgery before and after photo gallery, which shows the results of patients’ tummy tucks, breast augmentations/or lifts and other procedures involved in the mommy makeover.

If you think you would be a good candidate for a mommy makeover in Los Angeles, don’t delay because you think it is frivolous to consider your appearance. Don’t forget that a mommy makeover can make you feel more self-confident and fulfilled in life, which is an excellent outlook for a mother to have while raising her young children to be responsible adults. Contact us today for further information, at (800) 788-1416!

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