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Look As Good As You Feel After Weight Loss

Many people with severe obesity works hard to try and get into shape, but for most people, diet and exercise alone can result in insufficient or only very temporary results. The knowledgeable team at Beverly Hills Physicians is here to help. Our team of doctors and surgeons offer several weight loss surgery options, and our kind and skilled team of plastic surgeons can help you with follow-up procedures. You don’t have to get bounced around from doctor to doctor at different clinics all around town – join us at Beverly Hills Physicians to take advantage of one of the largest networks of healthcare professionals in California.

The two most popular types of weight loss surgery are the Lap Band and sleeve gastrectomy procedures. Lap Bands are like rubber bands that a surgeon wraps around a patient’s stomach, to create a smaller “pocket” within the stomach. This allows the patient to feel full after eating less food. However, if an unskilled surgeon puts the band in, it can move, which can prevent the patient from losing weight, and can also become very uncomfortable. There are also instances where banding procedures simply fail to produce sufficient results. That’s why we also offer Lap Band revision to gastric sleeve – we can remove the Lap Band and permanently reduce the size of your stomach through the gastric sleeve procedure, which helps our patients safely and quickly lose the weight they need to get healthy again.

Our professional network of doctors also features many outstanding plastic surgeons. After your gastric sleeve procedure, your weight loss journey has only just begun. Patients that rapidly lose weight often find that they have excess skin around their stomach and thighs, which can become uncomfortable and even limit mobility. Beverly Hills Physicians can set you up with a plastic surgeon for a tummy tuck and other procedures. Contact us today for a free consultation and get to know our weight loss surgery professionals.

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