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List of Weight Loss Unfriendly Foods Underlines the Benefits of Gastric Balloon

A recent article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution offers a list of food types – including high-sugar products, fatty processed meats, and those containing refined flours – that can easily stall attempts at weight loss. Most people who are trying to lose weight are well aware that consuming a lot of fatty and sugar-laden foods will spur a weight gain, but that doesn’t mean that they have an easy time controlling their desire to overeat. For obese patients who nevertheless do not qualify for weight loss surgeries, a temporary,non-surgical gastric balloon procedure, offered here at BHP, can make a significant weight loss far easier to pull off.

Human physiology seems to be designed to keep the body at its present weight – whatever that weight may be. Serious dieters may often get off to a good start in a weight loss effort but, as the weeks wear on, eating a low calorie diet can become an excruciating constant distraction. An FDA-approved balloon weight loss system makes weight loss easier and has been shown to foster a significant increase in the amount of weight patients are able to lose. One study on the Orbera Weight Loss system found that patients with the balloon typically were able to lose approximately 10 percent of their body weight, compared to only about 3 percent for patients involved in a traditional weight loss program.

Balloon weight loss systems like Orbera are inserted endoscopically through the patient’s mouth during a procedure in which the patient is sedated. In practice, patients with a gastric balloon report that they feel fuller after eating quite a bit less and they are often very pleasantly surprised at the amount of weight they are able to lose over a period of a few months. 

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