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Lip Fillers and the Popularity and Effectiveness of Facial Injectables

The current trend among patients who undergo injection-based lip augmentation procedures is the desire to achieve the most natural and subtle results possible, according to a recent article published on Huffington Post UK. As more individuals are seeking new ways to subtly enhance and improve their appearance, injectable treatments are becoming standard, not only for the lips, but for many other parts of the facial area. Both women and men can improve different aspects of their appearance with a variety of highly effective injectable treatments, such as:

Kybella – A common problem area for numerous individuals is under the chin, where stubborn fat collects and causes many women and men to feel self-conscious about their appearance. Kybella, a new injectable treatment that eliminates existing fat under the chin, can help patients get rid of their double chin and look their very best with a simple series of injections. The Los Angeles based medical group goes on to note that Kybella is a recommended option for patients who want to dramatically improve their appearance while avoiding surgery.

Restylane – Oftentimes, aging, stress, and even environmental factors can damage the skin and lead to premature wrinkles. Restylane is a highly effective facial filler that eliminates wrinkles and fine lines so that the youth and vitality of a patient’s appearance is restored. Restylane is recommended for patients who want to temporarily fill in their creases and fine lines around the mouth and nasal folds. Recovery time is extremely minimal, with patients able to resume their normal activities immediately, and with very minor side-effects resolving on their own very shortly after treatment.

Botox – One of the most popular and sought after injectable treatments for wrinkles is Botox. This highly effective injectable relaxes the facial muscles so that frown lines, crow’s feet and fine lines disappear. With the widespread popularity of this product, more men are now becoming interested in receiving treatment. As with women, male patients who receive “Brotox” are not only able reduce the physical signs of aging but also feel more comfortable with their overall appearance.

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