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Later Life Reinventions are Here to Stay

We’ve been reading numerous reports, including a study from the ASPS plastic surgeon’s organization, about the rising numbers of baby boomers now obtaining plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. It’s not surprising. Many people born during the post-World War II period between 1946 and 1964 want to preserve or return to a more youthful appearance and possibly reenter the dating scene or seem more relevant in their still-crucial career. The truth is that cosmetic surgeries and procedures have found their way into mainstream culture and are now an ordinary part of modern life.

Later Life Reinventions

Widespread use among all age groups has not only normalized all types of cosmetic medicine but has made it increasingly popular among older individuals who want to look as young outside as they feel inside. Moreover, the arrival of Botox and other injectables has made cosmetic medicine easier to take advantage of than ever before for people who may not be ready for actual surgery.

While some may disparage what they see as the superficial nature of cosmetic procedures and surgery, wanting to remain relevant and in-step is one of the most natural desires that people have. Moreover, like it or not, our appearance matters. People should always be allowed to love their own image, even if that means changing it. Restoring confidence can be an exceptionally positive and life-changing experience.

Cosmetic operations are not just for one particular age group or any demographic for that matter. People of all ages, even those in the prime of their lives, can enjoy the benefits of the many available procedures—mothers who want a return to their pre-pregnancy bodies, men who want to get rid of a little belly fat, or anyone who wants to improve on their already unusually attractive facial or bodily features.

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