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Labia Reduction Surgery Should be from Compassionate Surgeons

Americans, for unknown reasons, don’t often speak about vaginal health concerns with the respect and intelligence that they deserve. Because of this embarrassment and reluctance to talk about these issues, many women don’t get the adequate treatment they deserve and often need. This lack of treatment can have many negative effects on a woman’s well-being and day-to-day activities.

After all, the appearance, health, and sensitivity of a woman’s reproductive system can have a huge impact on her quality of life. This is why, at Beverly Hills Physicians, one of the largest networks of medical experts in Southern California, a woman’s reproductive health is treated with the utmost compassion, openness, and professionalism. From utilizing the most recent technology for concerns like uterine fibroid treatment to listening with empathy and honest consideration to a woman voice her displeasure about her vagina’s appearance, the talented surgeons at BHP work with patients to eliminate genital pain, restore function and sensation, and perform a post-pregnancy vagina rejunvenation.

One of the most important gynecological procedures offered at Beverly Hills Physicians is labia reduction. This operation is performed to counteract a wide range of concerns, from aesthetic to functional. These symptoms can include pain during intercourse, unpleasant sweating, frequent irritation and infection of the region, and difficulty or discomfort while wearing certain bathing suits, underwear, or pants. Additionally, the procedure can correct a patient’s dissatisfaction with the appearance, length, or proportion of her labial folds. The surgery’s potential for changing lives can be seen in the before and after pictures available on the Beverly Hills Physicians website, a helpful visualization for those considering a labia reduction.

With a BHP surgeon, labia reduction surgery is an out-patient procedure that rarely requires an overnight stay. It’s performed under twilight or general anesthesia, and women often consider the operation to be nearly pain free. As far as costs, this procedure may be partially covered by health insurance. Nonetheless, as part of Beverly Hills Physicians’ goal of easing a patient’s financial burden, a highly qualified consultant will deal with the health coverage agency after a patient fills out an insurance check form. If there is no coverage, then the BHP team will work with a patient to work out a financing package.

For gynecological treatments, exams, and check-ups, the place where a woman goes matters. At Beverly Hills Physicians, the doctors truly believe that no woman should feel alone when it comes to discussing her body’s health and appearance. When going to Beverly Hills Physicians for a free consultation on labial reduction, vaginal rejuvenation, uterine fibroid treatment, or any other reproductive health concern, a woman can rest assured that she’ll be met with an open ear about her worries and wants regarding the procedure. Her physician at BHP can thoroughly explain the recommended plan for treatment and, to alleviate any remaining fears she may have, as well as outline his or her qualifications, including showing examples of past work and sharing relevant accreditations. After this, a treatment can be scheduled at a BHP surgery center, and a woman’s peace of mind regarding her health can finally be restored.

To schedule a complimentary consultation with a doctor at Beverly Hills Physicians, please call 1- 800-788-1416 or visit www.beverlyhillsphysicians.com.

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