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Kick Obesity to the Curb

Kick Obesity to the Curb

Being obese can be one of the biggest health burdens than a person can have. Not only does it decrease mobility and make it difficult to do many of life’s daily tasks and activities, it can be a serious drain on a person’s long-term well-being. People suffering from obesity are at a much higher risk of potentially deadly conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Yet, although people are aware of the often scary facts about living with obesity, shedding excess weight can be an incredibly difficult endeavor. Thankfully, the talented bariatric surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians are some of the area’s best when it comes to performing weight loss surgery.

In addition to being home to some of the most skilled surgeons, Beverly Hills Physicians also employs some of the best dieticians and weight loss experts to help patients get and stay on track to weight loss after their surgery. While a lot of people unfamiliar with the procedures may think that gastric sleeve surgery is a silver bullet for successful weight loss, losing the weight still requires discipline and determination on the part of the patient. Support is crucial when embarking on weight loss journey, and the support provided by BHP is truly unmatched.

Yet, some patients have so much trouble with an initial procedure from another doctor that they come to Beverly Hills Physicians for a gastric sleeve revision weight loss surgery. With a sleeve gastrectomy, patients get hormonal advantages to curbing hunger, in addition to the physical advantages of a limited stomach capacity. And when patients get the revision procedure from BHP, they can rest assured that they have the best chance for future weight loss success.

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