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It Pays to Be Careful

A recent article on Allure explains that even non-surgical cosmetic procedures require thoughtful consideration on the part of patients, as well as medical professionals, in order to achieve the most desirable results. They’re not wrong. Although cosmetic procedures using injectables such as Botox and Restylane are performed very routinely and are extremely effective, health and safety should remain a top-of-mind priority for patients before undergoing any procedure. Working with the most experienced and skilled medical providers possible is always important when obtaining non-surgical cosmetic treatments, it’s also very definitely the case when obtaining an actual plastic surgery. Specifically:

Facelifts – While injectables produce results that patients love, the results are temporary. This is why many patients opt for the longer lasting results of a surgical facelift. The facelift has been performed over many decades and remains one of the most powerfully effective and safest treatments to improve the appearance of a woman or man. Nevertheless, it’s always best to select the most experienced and skilled physicians available like our outstanding BHP team.   

Breast Augmentation – By far one of the most common plastic surgery procedures sought out by women today is breast augmentation. Patients who undergo this procedure rely on a highly skilled and extremely experienced plastic surgeon to safely and effectively place the implants in order to obtain the desired size and shape. A highly trained surgeon can work with a patient to determine whether silicone, saline, or gummy bear implants are the best and safest choice in her particular situation.


Buttock Enhancement – Rivaling breast augmentation in popularity, the Brazilian butt lift represents a significant step forward over older procedures. This form of buttock augmentation involves using the patient’s own body fat to effectively contour the buttock into the desired shape and form. This has major benefits in that it allows a skilled plastic surgeon to sculpt a fuller and more voluptuous backside while also reducing the chances of complications. Our BHP team of highly skilled and extremely experienced surgeons and medical staff work hard to not only provide the patient with their desired results but also ensure that patients are as comfortable and safe as possible during any procedure.

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