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Is Gastric Sleeve the Future of Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgery has been around decades; it is nothing new. However, it is a constantly evolving medical field, with innovations being discovered constantly and existing methods being perfected with each surgery. Beverly Hills Physicians, one of the largest medical networks in Southern California, prides itself on being on the cutting edge of bariatric treatments. One treatment, the sleeve gastrectomy, has been incredibly popular in recent years, with many believing it will soon overtake gastric bypass and the lap band as the most prevalent form of bariatric surgery.

The team here at Beverly Hills Physicians thinks the gastric sleeve is an incredibly powerful tool for weight loss for those who are a good match for the procedure. The procedure removes the majority of the stomach, but doesn’t alter its basic function, meaning that patients don’t have any negative reactions to certain foods. The stomach’s size is reduced, though, so patients do need to eat much more nutritionally-rich foods. Another perk of the procedure is that it removes the part of the stomach that creates sensations of hunger, allowing the patient to be free of the constant nagging urge to eat.

Another reason why the sleeve has been booming in popularity is because it can be performed after an unsuccessful lap band treatment. The lap band has led to successful weight loss for a large number of patients; however, for many it either doesn’t work or their body isn’t a good match for the restrictive procedure. In these cases, a lap band revision to gastric sleeve can be performed all in one surgery. Whether you’ve had the lap band and it didn’t work out or you are morbidly obese and concerned about your health, BHP urges you not to give up. Give us a call for a consultation on life-saving weight loss surgery.

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