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Increased Cancer Risk in Obese Women and the Value of Weight Loss Medicine

Some recent studies have shown that the longer post-menopausal women remain significantly overweight, the higher their chances become of developing an obesity-related cancer. Although obesity is often linked to a number of life-threatening diseases, including various forms of cancer, both men and women are more likely to lose weight, and thus decrease their chances of developing these serious health problems with the help of highly effective weight loss procedures including the gastric sleeve, the Lap Band, and the new Orbera balloon procedure for less severely obese patients. Obese patients who undergo a successful weight loss procedure are likely to experience a number of improvements in the overall quality of their lives.  These include:

Joint Relief – Obese patients are prone to increased bone and joint pain caused by their excess weight, worsening such common conditions as osteoarthritis and sometimes making even the simplest movements incredibly painful.  For severely obese patients, a bariatric surgery procedure, such as a Lap Band or a gastric sleeve, can enable a significant weight loss that will also relieve pressure and strain on their joints. Patients who may not be considered severely obese can also benefit from a significant weight loss through the use of the Orbera system.


Better Sleep – Obese patients often also experience lower levels of energy that can be caused by obesity-related sleep apnea, a serious health condition also associated with an increased risk of stroke and heart attacks. Patients who are able to successfully lose their excess weight are more likely to completely resolve their sleep apnea and experience uninterrupted sleep during the night, improving their overall health. In addition, because patients are significantly better rested, they are more likely to live active lifestyles and participate in many social and physical activities that they otherwise might have been too tired to partake in. A good night’s sleep also promotes improved mental capacity and may be important in terms of preventing cognitive issues later in life.


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