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In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Our Bra Collection Campaign to Support Women in Need

Here at Beverly Hills Physicians (BHP), we are reminding the public about our Bra Collection Campaign during the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Once again, patients and non-patients alike are encouraged to participate in the drive by donating their unused or gently-worn bras.

Our bra collection effort helps raise awareness of the ongoing battle to find a cure for breast cancer, while also providing support for women in need. Patients, especially those who have recently undergone a breast procedure and are no longer in need of their old bras, can drop off their spare bras in designated donation boxes located at BHP’s offices throughout Southern California during  our regular office hours. However anyone who wishes can stop by to make donations to the Bra Collection Campaign and contribute to the cause.

Our Bra Collection Campaign is a great way for individuals to come together to educate others, raise awareness, and honor the victims and survivors of breast cancer throughout the year. In addition, the campaign is intended to inform individuals about the variety of issues that women in need often face but may be more reluctant to admit to, including the need for intimate garments that fit properly. Moreover, any donated bras that are unable to be reused are then recycled so as not to contribute to environmental waste.

As a leading medical practice with a vast amount of experience performing innovative breast procedures, supporting breast cancer awareness through our bra collection campaign is just one way we emphasize our commitment to the health and well-being of all women. We strongly encourage our patients, and anyone who has made a contribution, to inform their family and friends about their collection, so that even more women can get the help that they need and deserve. Even something as simple as a bra really can make a huge difference in a woman’s life.

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