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Important Size Considerations when Choosing Breast Augmentation

A recent article on Yahoo Beauty, explained the various considerations that a patient and her doctor must make when considering breast augmentation. Most of the points made by the author are related to the size of the implants, and how the public image of the ideal implant size has changed over the years. These points about implant size are correct, and are part of an important series of discussions that patients need to have with their doctor before committing to a breast augmentation procedure. A number of considerations mentioned by the article are especially important:

  1. Size vs. Authenticity – The author of the Yahoo Beauty article notes that many years ago, breast augmentation was “all about bigger is better,” whereas today’s patients prefer results that simply look natural. This summary is largely accurate. Patients today aim to increase the size of the breasts, but typically only like doing so if the results look reasonably natural. They note that it is important for each patient to talk to their doctor about whether their body size or their amount of tissue can support implants of a certain size while still looking natural.
  2. Placement – In regards to exactly where and how the implants are placed, first and foremost patients should select a doctor that has extensive experience and a track record of terrific results. In most cases, the article explains, the best results come from implants placed below the muscle tissue in order to achieve a more natural slope of the breast. It is important for patients to always keep in mind that, although most breast augmentation procedures are intended to produce strictly cosmetic results, they require a skilled surgeon who takes as much care in his or her work as a surgeon tasked with performing the most serious operations.

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