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Healthy Stomach Bacteria May Contribute to Weight Loss

At Beverly Hills Physicians, we know that diet and exercise can go a long way towards helping to live with an emphasis on health and beauty. However, there are many other factors as well, including our very own bariatric treatments like gastric sleeve surgery. Another such factor is the good bacteria that live within every person’s gut.

Inside each one of us, you’ll find countless microorganisms that we couldn’t live without. They break down food, prevent infection and extract important nutrients. Now, some studies show they may also affect our weight, helping convert food to fat, passing it along quickly before the body absorbs too many calories.

NBC News reports that researchers have found that people have their own unique populations of bacteria that they keep throughout their lives, but it is possible to change their makeup through diet.

“There is not a single magic organism that has the power to regulate the body,” says Dr. Jeffrey Gordon of Washington University in St. Louis, who led the research team. In reality, a combination of factors contributes to every person’s health and weight.

For now, the various weight loss surgery options from BHP remain among the most effective ways to ensure safe, effective and life-changing weight loss. As technology and science pushes forward, we wonder if lap band will continue to remain a popular and wildly effective method for weight loss, or if something new is in store in the world of health and beauty.

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