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Go To the Very Best for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Go To the Very Best for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Over the past couple years, various studies have come out proving that weight loss surgery is a safe and effective way for obese patients to lose weight. Data indicates that weight loss surgery has the same minimal complications as such commonplace procedures like gall bladder surgery and appendectomies. Yet, despite this overall minimal risk, the choice of surgeon is still very important when considering a gastric sleeve or another bariatric procedure.

Our surgeons practice the most cutting-edge, minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery to help reduce complications while also reducing the post-operative scarring. This type of laparoscopic surgery is shown to reduce complications compared to traditional, outdated open surgery methods. Our surgeons are able to use this method to perform Lap Band surgery, gastric sleeve surgery, and the ever-popular lap band revision to gastric sleeve. While some people assume that once they pick one bariatric procedure they are stuck with that procedure for life, many Lap Band patients opt for a revision to a gastric sleeve if they are not satisfied with the amount of weight that they lose with the Lap Band.

Other patients make the switch not because of insufficient weight loss, because they experience slippage after the Lap Band was not placed correctly by an inferior surgeon. You can be absolutely sure that when you go to Beverly Hills Physicians, you are getting a procedure from the best in the business. We also offer unmatched post-surgical weight loss advice so that you can more easily make the transition to your new relationship with food.

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