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Getting Healthy with Gastric Balloon

Getting Healthy with Gastric Balloon

If you’re overweight, you may have accompanying health risks that have impacted your life. Whether it’s the fact that your knees and back hurt after a long day at work or you’re struggling with diabetes, it’s important to lose weight to get on a healthier track. At Beverly Hills Physicians, we help people of all backgrounds, genders, ages, and lifestyles meet their weight goals with a myriad of procedures and treatments that are designed to fight obesity. However, if you don’t qualify for surgical procedures like gastric sleeve, there is an amazing procedure that’s perfect for you.

For when you’re uninterested in surgery or don’t qualify for it, the gastric balloon procedure is the perfect antidote. It is the perfect way to lose weight without going under the knife. It’s especially helpful if you’ve attempted to diet and exercise to lose weight but discovered that the results were not favorable. With the gastric balloon, you’ll feel full much faster than normal. While you’ll still eat small meals, you can say goodbye to the unhealthy snacking that was making weight loss difficult for you in the past. Patients of Beverly Hills Physicians have proven results after experiencing the gastric balloon for a temporary period of six months.

The amount of weight you’ll lose with the gastric balloon will vary depending on genetic and lifestyle factors. But it will definitely put you on track to shedding pounds and leading a healthier life. Beverly Hills Physicians offers free consultations if you want to learn more about gastric sleeve or sleeve gastrectomy in Los Angeles.


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