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Get Your Weight Loss Story Right, After All

At Beverly Hills Physicians, we recognize obesity as a disease that is highly resistant to treatment, even with the best tools available today. That’s why when gastric sleeve patients return to us with complications or the inability to lose sufficient weight, we don’t judge, we start forming an action plan. The first consultation with our new patient entails what they hope to achieve with weight loss surgery revision and determining what barred them from success during their first bariatric procedure. Potential complications may have been the problem after gastric sleeve, such as the stomach stretching from its original smaller shape and have a larger capacity than it once had, which may be the result of frequent overeating.

Another common revision weight loss procedure is “band over bypass,” in which the Beverly Hills Physicians surgical team implants an adjustable gastric silicone band around the uppermost part of the stomach, which can be adjusted so the patient only eats small portions. The patient should know that even a second weight loss procedure is not a magic bullet for sustainable weight loss, but a highly useful tool to helping them eat less and feel satisfied with smaller meals. For the revision weight loss surgery, the patient will meet regularly with a support team, including their bariatric surgeon, a registered dietitian and others who will coach them on lifestyle changes that must be made.

If you are interested in a secondary weight loss procedure, such as lap band revision to gastric sleeve, with Beverly Hills Physicians, please contact us today to learn more. We look forward to helping you get back on the weight loss track!

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