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Get Rid of Obesity Related Health Risks

The only effective way to truly fight obesity related illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, is by losing weight. However, as everyone with a weight issue knows only too well, that’s easier said than done. That’s why Beverly Hills Physicians is dedicated to helping patients start their weight loss journey with procedures like Lap Band and gastric sleeve. BHP is a network of the most respected surgeons and specialists in each of their fields, from bariatric procedures to plastic surgery. We have all the resources you need to have a safe and efficient weight loss process, including spa-like facilities, the latest technology, and staff nutritionists.

Beverly Hills Physicians offers a number of weight loss surgery options to choose from, depending on your preferences and lifestyle factors. Lap Band is the perfect procedure for those who don’t want permanent changes to their body. It’s completely reversible, consisting of the implantation of a band around the stomach that creates a smaller pouch-like stomach. Gastric sleeve is a more drastic procedure, since it removes a massive part of the stomach, leaving behind a sleeve-like shape. However, it’s extremely effective since it also removes a hormone that leads to feelings of hunger.

At Beverly Hills Physicians, our surgical procedures are minimally invasive, ensuring that your recovery time is quicker than ever before. We constantly update with the latest technology so that procedures are always faster, safer, and more efficient. If you want to learn more about gastric sleeve, lap band, or Lap Band revision to gastric sleeve procedures, call our offices today to set up an appointment.


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