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Get Ready for Fall Now by Starting the March Towards a Healthier You with Beverly Hills Physicians

Even with the latest surgeries performed by Southern California’s finest doctors, weight loss doesn’t happen overnight

Yes, weight loss surgery is a triumph of modern medicine. Beverly Hills Physicians is nevertheless here to tell you that the results, while often fast, are far from instantaneous. Therefore, if you are contemplating a bariatric procedure such as a lap band or gastric sleeve and dream of returning to work or school this autumn with a new, slimmer appearance, you want to get started right away.

It’s true that summer only began a few weeks ago, but September will be here before you know it. Bariatric procedures make losing weight much easier, but that doesn’t mean the weight loses itself. Time and effort are still required and your relationship with eating and exercise will change with the right kind of commitment and support. Beverly Hills Physicians’ offerings go beyond simply offering the full range of bariatric procedures such as lap band, vertical sleeve gastrectomy, and Roux-En-Y gastric bypass. This network featuring some of the finest surgeons in Southern California also offers a full range of support services to help you adjust to the physical and related psychological changes that come with weight loss surgery.

In addition to the ongoing support before, during, and after your procedure offered by the Beverly Hills Physicians medical team, the services of a nutritionist and a therapist are made available to all patients. These highly qualified professionals are specialists in helping bariatric patients make the adjustment from their pre-surgery life into their new, healthier lifestyle.

The benefits of going to Beverly Hills Physicians do not end there. From dealing with medical insurance and financial issues to simply being there for patients when they have questions or concerns, this outstanding medical network provides the complete range of support services for bariatric patients. Where you choose to have your bariatric procedure makes an enormous difference, and Beverly Hills Physicians is committed to making sure that weight loss procedures go as safely and smoothly as possible.

Indeed, the success of a bariatric procedure should be gauged not only at how the patient is doing shortly after the surgery but also months and years afterward. That’s why the Beverly Hills Physician team is there to ensure that all continues to go well for as long as patients desire support. Sometimes, that extends into follow-up medical procedures after a significant weight loss.

Specifically, many formerly obese patients find themselves with some amount of loose skin after a dramatic weight loss. The best and generally only way to deal with this is through plastic surgery. Beverly Hills Physicians offers a full range of cosmetic procedures, including tummy tucks, arm lifts, and assorted body contouring operations to help patients look and feel their very best. As with the bariatric procedures, full support is also offered at every step to ensure that recovery from plastic surgery goes as smoothly as possible.

To get started on the changes that can start leading to a new you, phone Beverly Hills Physicians at 800-788-1416 or visit the website at BeverlyHillsPhysicians.com to inquire about a free initial consultation.


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