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Get a Second Crack at Weight Loss Surgery at BHP

Perhaps you’ve considered lap band revision to gastric sleeve after you’ve lost hope that the lap band could be your weight loss solution. Many LAP-BAND patients end up having revision weight loss surgery, and it doesn’t mean that they failed at weight loss the first time. The secondary weight loss procedure can be highly effective for Beverly Hills Physicians patients who are deemed good candidates. What makes BHP different is the fact that team will take time to get to know you as an individual, and educate you on how to make an effective lifestyle change, for good. Gastric sleeve surgery differs from LAP-BAND surgery in that it adapts the way your body digests food, and changes the actual size of the stomach, permanently.

Patient education is one of the cornerstones of what makes every BHP content with the work they’ve had done, whether it’s a podiatry procedure, plastic surgery or weight loss. At Beverly Hills Physician, we know it’s crucial that every patient that has secondary bariatric surgery should be fully aware of what they’re getting into, and why their first procedure did not succeed. This is made easier when the patient is completely frank and upfront about what did and did not work for them with their surgical journey the first time around. Whether it was the fact that you chose a less than reputable surgeon, or you simply did not adhere to lifestyle changes, we can help.

BHP looks forward to helping you finally make the life-changing journey through significant, dramatic weight loss and on the path to health.

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