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Get a Second Crack at Life-Changing Weight Loss at BHP

Perhaps the first time you had weight loss surgery, you weren’t really ready to make the life change you thought you were. Another problem may have been the fact that the surgeon you saw was not as reputable as you had hoped, or maybe you went to a surgeon who offered cheaper rates, but the result wasn’t worth it. No matter the reason, you, too, can benefit from a secondary weight loss procedure if you meet the eligibility criteria, which a board-certified bariatric surgeon at Beverly Hills Physicians will determine for you.

Many LAP-BAND patients end up having revision surgery, and it doesn’t mean that they failed at weight loss the first time. The lap band revision to gastric sleeve surgery is highly effective at Beverly Hills Physicians, where our team takes the time to get to know each patient as an individual and educate each patient. Gastric sleeve surgery differs from LAP-BAND surgery, and your surgeon will take the time to acquaint you with that fact. Patient education is the cornerstone of the success of each BHP patient, whether they come to us for plastic surgery, podiatry or bariatric surgery. It’s especially important for a patient having secondary bariatric surgery to be well aware what they’re getting into, and why their first procedure did not succeed.

Contact Beverly Hills Physicians today to get back on track with your weight loss journey. We look forward to helping you finally make the life-changing journey that you’ve tried before and haven’t yet succeeded.

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