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George Clooney’s Scrotal Plastic Surgery

When George Clooney was asked if he has had any facial plastic surgery, he responded by saying he would never spend money to fix the bags under his eyes but he will spend money to get rid of wrinkles on the skin of his testicles and get his balls ironed!!! Now people are all over internet, searching for scrotal plastic surgery and trying to find out if he really got this procedure done. Upon extensive research we have come to the conclusion that there is no Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery for scrotum. The closest technique to shrinking the skin on the scrotum is to deep the sac in ice water and causing a temporally physiological reaction commonly known as shrinkage or testicular retraction as known in medical community. Another common tricks done in Hollywood is to apply common, over the counter hemorrhoid cream such as Preparation H to the wrinkles skin under the eyes to temporally remove the bags under the eyes.

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