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Gastric Sleeve Surgery with BHP Can Get You Down To Your Goal Weight

As a leading provider of bariatric surgery in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills Physicians is proud to offer all weight loss procedures, and to help patients turn their lives around so they are no longer controlled by hunger and cravings. One procedure in particular is in demand to help curb hunger and cravings, called sleeve gastrectomy. This surgery involves the removal of a large portion of the stomach, and the remaining part resembles a small banana or sleeve, hence the name of the procedure. Not only is the capacity of the stomach about 15% of what it once was, it also takes out the portion of the stomach which produces a hormone that makes us feel hunger and experience cravings. Because patients can eat less and feel less hungry in the first place, they tend to lose weight rapidly.

Having gastric sleeve surgery with the board-certified weight loss surgeons of Beverly Hills Physicians is only the first step into getting the health and body weight you desire. With the help of your bariatric team, you will be coached on the best way to adapt to your new stomach, and how you can safely and effectively lose weight until you reach your goal weight. While some may mistakenly think that the surgery is all they need to lose weight and they can do it on their own, Beverly Hills Physicians knows that it takes much more to manage sustainable weight loss.

At Beverly Hills Physicians, aftercare is extremely important and the key to why the bariatric physicians are among the best found in the nation, and particularly in Southern California. Experience the BHP difference and call today to set up your FREE consultation.

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