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Gastric Sleeve Surgery from BHP Boosts Quality of Life

Before undergoing any weight loss surgery, there is much to consider. After all, excess weight and obesity are growing problems in our society today, and the negative effects that excess weight can have on one’s health are more apparent every day. Heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes are just some of the life threatening issues that are more prevalent in those who suffer from excess weight and obesity.

While exercise and diet can certainly help with weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, for many they simply aren’t enough. Fortunately, the experts in health, beauty and wellness at Beverly Hills Physicians are dedicated to providing the very highest standard of care through gastric sleeve surgery, Lap Band and many other weight loss solutions.

For those with a body mass index (BMI) that is at least 30 and weight-related health issues, or a BMI that is 40 or over without any currently existing health problems, weight loss surgery from BHP might be the right choice for you. Whether you’re looking to undergo an initial procedure or revision weight loss surgery, you’ll find a highly motivated, empathetic, and expertly skilled team, who provides treatment in a luxurious, spa-like surroundings.

At BHP, we understand that peace of mind is essential before, during and after surgery. That’s why our team is happy to remain on hand to answer any questions and provide support at every stage of treatment. If you’re looking to bring health, beauty and happiness into your life, you can do no better than Beverly Hills Physicians.

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