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Gastric Balloon is the Nonsurgical Answer

Gastric Balloon is the Nonsurgical Answer

Not everybody qualifies for bariatric surgeries like sleeve gastrectomy in Los Angeles. But that doesn’t mean that you have to give up your weight loss dreams. Beverly Hills Physicians helps people from all walks of life meet their weight goals with the use of a wide range of procedures. Not only do we have weight loss procedures, we also have cosmetic surgery options like tummy tuck for after your lose a healthy amount of weight. Since we have the most talented and experienced surgeons in the business, you can trust us to guide you through your weight loss journey.

The gastric balloon procedure is the answer that you’re looking for if you don’t qualify for gastric sleeve or Lap Band. Many people don’t qualify for weight loss surgery because they don’t meet the BMI requirements. However, since gastric balloon is non-invasive and temporary, it’s open to more people. In the procedure, a balloon is placed in your stomach and inflated. Therefore, it fills you up faster when eating. It’s the perfect way to lose weight without dedicating yourself to more serious procedures.

Procedures like gastric sleeve are also very effective, of course, for those who qualify as severely obese. If you’ve been struggling to lose weight with traditional methods like exercise and diet alone, you can get help from the best surgeons in the world. Beverly Hills Physicians is the best resource for the tools you need to get to a healthy weight. Call today to set up a free consultation with our amazing weight loss team.

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