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Functional Rhinoplasty Advantages Demonstrate the Versatility of the Procedure

Data from a recent study is showing that rhinoplasty (nose job) patients whose nasal obstruction had contributed to sleep apnea prior to their procedure have seen some real improvements in their condition. On average, these patients benefitted across the board, including measurements of fatigue and how prevalent each individual’s nasal obstruction was after the procedure.

The reason that a patient may come in asking for a rhinoplasty procedure may be very different depending on the individual. While the patients outlined in this study elected the operation for functional reasons, many of our patients choose to have the procedure done for cosmetic reasons. Both, in fact, are legitimate motivations.

  • Functional – In addition to obstructed breathing as outlined by the article, a collapsed or narrowed breathing canal due to an injury or birth defect is also a reason why many patients choose to have a rhinoplasty. In addition to having functional benefits for the patients, many of these types of rhinoplasties also improve the look of the nose or, at the very least, can make it slightly more symmetrical.
  • Cosmetic – As one of the top providers of plastic surgery in Southern California and beyond, at BHP we know that the majority of our clients come in looking for cosmetic surgery, and that fact is no different with rhinoplasty. Just because these cosmetic procedures do not have a functional benefit from a medical point of view, they can still make a great impact on a person’s life. Confidence and comfort in one’s own appearance is often crucial in everyday interactions. While no surgical procedure is right for every single patient, our patients say they love the new shape and look of their nose, but most importantly they love the confidence that it affords them.


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