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Face Lift Surgery

As years go by, the skin begins to lose n on the face and neck.  Crow’s feet appear at the corners of the eyes.  The jaw line softens into jowls, and beneath the chin, a double chin with vertical bands appears.  Heredity, smoking, and sun exposure contribute to the aging face.  With  people living longer more productive lives, face-lifting has become the second most desired facial plastic procedure, next to eyelid rejuvenation.

Understanding the limitations of face-lifting the need to utilize other procedures is crucial for success.  A facelift means lifting of the cheek, jowls and neck.  Incisions are placed in the hairline and around the ear, and in all cases; these incisions are placed in a natural skin crease for camouflage and without the need for shaving of hair.  The surgery can take 2- 4 – 6 hours, is usually performed under intravenous sedation, and without any patient discomfort.  Following surgery, a dressing is applied to protect the face and is removed the day after.  Some surgeons use magnetic resonance imaging (Soft Pulse), massage and ultrasound to hasten healing.  Patients are usually cosmetically sociable in 10-14 days.

Facial laser surgery, both the CO2 and Erbium, have been popularized recently with claims that a facelift appearance will result.  These new techniques usually fall short of long-term results.   Wrinkling and blotchy pigment irregularities can certainly be improved, but skin tightening is minimal and usually transient in nature.  In patients with both sagging of tissues, aged complexion with sun damage and wrinkling, it’s best to combine procedures to produce optimal results.  This concept of realistic expectations and patient awareness of the limitations as well as risks of any one technique should be at the core of a concerned and caring surgeon.

A facelift does not involve lifting the forehead, correcting sagging eyelids, straightening or refining the nose, nor does it correct flat cheeks or weak chins.  It also does not alter wrinkling of the lips, crow’s feet, or improve sun damaged skin.  Other procedures, such as forehead lifting, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, cheek and chin augmentation can be considered to augment the final surgical improvements, and many patients elect to add these other features for further enhancement to the lift. However, the facelift is the cornerstone and the single most effective technique used in facial plastic rejuvenation.

A facelift cannot stop aging nor can it turn back the clock.  What it can do is help your face look its best and give you a healthy and a more youthful appearance.  A uniform side benefit is the increased self-confidence and improvement in self-image.  Most changes last 5-10 years, but this can vary from patient to patient.  Due to improved techniques, the neck (once considered the most difficult area to maintain) holds its shape perhaps longer than other facial areas.  The mid-face and cheek, due to active muscles of facial expression, may need to be revised earlier than other areas.

After surgery, you will be asked to restrict your activities and simply relax for a few days. Elevating your head when you sleep will help to minimize swelling and bruising. If you are a smoker, you must give it up for a couple of days, and you should not take any blood thinning medications such as aspirin.  Plan on treating yourself like you have the flu.  Drink plenty of fluids, and get lots of rest.

Any bandages and drain tubes will usually be removed in one or two days. At that time, you will notice puffiness, swelling, and discoloration which may be more pronounced in some portions of your face than others. Do not be alarmed by any unevenness or temporary asymmetry caused by this variance in swelling and bruising, which is perfectly normal. Generally, the greatest amount of swelling occurs 24 to 48 hours after surgery, but it may take several weeks before all puffiness is resolved. Most bruising will disappear within two weeks. After a few days, you will be permitted to wear makeup which will help conceal some light bruising. You will also experience some numbness in the facial area, which may be present for several weeks or longer. Your stitches will be removed from four to seven days after surgery.

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