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If you need weight loss surgery, Beverly Hills Physicians can deliver the results you’re looking for. If you’re one of the many people struggling with obesity in Southern California, you may know that permanently losing weight through diet or exercise alone can be challenging or next to impossible due to the body’s natural response to a rapid and significant drop in caloric intake. Fortunately, with the right medical assistance, ending your struggle with obesity once and for all is something you can finally achieve for a better and healthier life.

When Diet and Exercise Aren’t Enough

The main problem individuals face when losing weight is hunger pangs which never seem to stop even after they know they’ve eaten enough food. While some strong will people often can lose weight naturally, maintaining weight loss can become nearly impossible over time as the urges to eat only increase as we lose more weight. This is the body’s way of dealing with what it sees as the threat of starvation. In the large majority of cases, sooner or later, this causes individuals to backslide and return to their former overeating, sometimes ending up heavier than when they first began their weight loss journey.

A weight-loss procedure such as a gastric sleeve can significantly reduce the production of the hormones responsible for sending hunger signals. Combined with a stomach that has been reduced in size by 75 percent or more, patients have a better chance of successful long-term weight loss compared to individuals who attempt to do so on their own without medical treatment. With time, this encourages better eating habits while allowing patients to achieve a stable, healthier weight.

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