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For Procedures like Lap Band Surgery, Trust Beverly Hills Physicians

At Beverly Hills Physicians, our board certified doctors have garnered years of experience, and today excel at providing every patient with the optimal health and exquisite beauty that ensures they always feel their best. Today, more than ever, that includes comprehensive solutions to the growing obesity epidemic that so many men and women face throughout the U.S.

When seeking an effective long-term solution to excess weight and obesity, lap band surgery has proven to be a sensationally popular option among BHP patients. With our expert surgeons, patients know that at BHP, they can expect a weight-loss experience that is effective and always comfortable. In fact, with the lap band procedure, our skilled medical professionals are able to adjust the gastric band to provide the perfect sizing for the patient’s changing shape.

The gastric sleeve surgery is another exceptionally effective procedure we offer that ensures patients feel energized and content throughout the weight loss experience, often leading to continued and sustainable healthy eating habits.

In many cases, a bariatric surgery patient may come to Beverly Hills Physicians for plastic surgery following extreme weight loss. Because of the success of their lap band, gastric sleeve, or other weight loss surgery, these people may have excess skin, stubborn pockets of fat, and lack of fullness in the breasts and buttocks. These can be corrected in a range of procedures—similar to what’s known as a mommy makeover—that can include a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, liposuction, in addition to arm, thigh, and breast lift procedures.

Because plastic surgery is another one of the many life-changing services available here at Beverly Hills Physicians, you can feel just as confident in your plastic surgery results as you did when you received your bariatric procedure. No matter what your health and beauty needs may be, contact Beverly Hills Physicians today for a free consultation and look forward to achieving the health and wellness goals in your own life.

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