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Financing Medical Procedures: A New You Is Within Reach

Cosmetic surgery procedures have a number of benefits, including higher self-esteem that comes from being happy with the way you look. While there are many reasons people choose to have plastic surgery procedures that range from correcting painful foot problems to restoring breasts to their pre-pregnancy shape, they all have one thing in common: changing the way people see themselves and how are seen by others for the better.

Health-related surgical procedures can also change the way you look and feel. Gastric banding procedures reduce the size of the stomach so that less food is ingested and assimilated by the body. Gastric banding surgeries can help overweight patients change their health, bodies, and self image for the better.

Why wait any longer to get the look you’ve been dreaming of? Treat yourself to the procedure you’ve been putting off because you never quite have the cash to pay for it. You don’t have to put it off anymore with Beverly Hills Physicians and medical financing programs. A number of payment plan options are accepted, and the surgery you desire may also be partially or fully covered under your insurance plan.

Care Credit

Care Credit is a credit card designed specifically for financing medical and health-related expenses. You use your Care Credit card to pay for any medical procedures you don’t want to pay for in cash, and then pay the expenses off monthly like a credit card, by either making a minimum payment or paying more than the minimum to pay your balance off faster.

Patients choose to use Care Credit alone or in combination with private insurance plans. If you have medical insurance coverage, you can still use your Care Credit card to pay your deductible and other out-of-pocket expenses. Many plastic surgery procedures are considered elective and are not covered by private insurance companies.

Why use Care Credit instead of a major credit card to pay for medical expenses when you don’t have cash? Care Credit has lower interest rates that never fluctuate and has no pre-payment penalties. They also offer their cardholders payment flexibility with extended payment plans with lower monthly payment options. You can start by applying for Care Credit for free.

Chase Health Advance

Chase Health Advance is a medical financing alternative to a medical loan. Chase Health Advance accounts are designed to help pay for certain medical procedures that are not always covered by private insurance companies. Some of these procedures are elective, while others are often necessary for the health and wellness of patients, including dental, orthodontics, vision, cosmetic, hearing, hair restoration, chiropractic, weight loss, and even veterinary care.

Chase Health Advance requires a separate application for each procedure you’d like to have covered. Once your application is accepted you can move forward with the medical procedure you’ve been pre-approved for and the medical office will bill your Chase Health Advance account. You make monthly payments to Chase for a portion of the balance plus interest.

Why is a Chase Health Advance account a better option than a medical loan? Simply because it gives you more options. Each payment plan has an interest-free promotional period during which your balance earns no interest, giving you the chance to pay off your debt before interest begins accumulating. They also offer extended payment plans, revolving lines of credit, and require no down payment. Learn more about Chase Health Advance and apply for an account.

In-House Financing

Beverly Hills Physicians is dedicated to helping you achieve the look of your dreams. That’s why we offer in-house financing to our patients that qualify. Our financing experts approach each application individually and create a financing package tailored to your individual needs based on the cost of your procedure and your monthly income.

To apply for in-house financing through Beverly Hills Physicians, simply submit our short online application for review with one of our financing experts. To qualify, you must be employed and have a co-applicant that is also employed. All of the procedures we perform are covered under our payment plans, including plastic and cosmetic surgery, podiatry, weight loss, bariatric and banding, hair restoration, and Lasik and ophthalmology.

Using Insurance

Many of the procedures performed by Beverly Hills Physicians are necessary for your health and well-being or are considered preventative. Some of these procedures include bariatric and banding weight loss procedures, podiatry services, Lasik surgery, and dental procedures.

You may be happily surprised to learn that private insurance companies often cover part or all of the cost of the above procedures. Certain necessary or non-elective cosmetic procedures are also covered by private insurance. Be sure to discuss any procedure you’re thinking of having through Beverly Hills Physicians with your medical insurance provider before you apply for a medical line of credit or financial solution. Our patients often find that the procedures they truly desire are more within reach than they ever thought.

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