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Fight for your Health with Bariatric Surgery

Fight for your Health with Bariatric Surgery

One of the leading causes of death in America is due to obesity-related health issues. Conditions like heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes are all connected to being overweight. The risk of cancer also increases with obesity. Not to mention troubles breathing while you sleep and depression. At Beverly Hills Physicians, we are dedicated to fighting obesity-related illnesses by helping our patients defeat obesity once and for all.

Losing weight can be a very difficult journey. Dieting is tough when you have decades of bad eating habits to combat and your body is attacking you with feelings that mimic genuine hunger. Exercise can seem nearly impossible when back and joint pain make movement challenging. Sometimes weight loss surgery is the best option for somebody who is severely obese. Procedures like Lap Band and gastric sleeve surgery are regularly performed by the talented team at Beverly Hills Physicians. These life-saving surgeries have revolutionized the weight loss process by making it an easier journey for those suffering from obesity and obesity-related illnesses.

Lap Band is a popular surgery, partially because the band placed around the stomach to promote weight loss is removable. However, the procedure doesn’t always result in the weight loss results associated with the gastric sleeve, so many patients of BHP opt for revision weight loss surgery. The revision procedure turns the Lap Band procedure into gastric sleeve, a surgery which removes a portion of the stomach with known hormonal benefits. This ensures that you’ll eat far less than ever before. Call today to set up a free consultation and learn more about your options.

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