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Feel Great Inside and Look Great Outside

Feel Great Inside and Look Great Outside

Women may not realise it, but men can sometimes feel down about their appearance. The changes that come with getting older may hurt their self esteem, or they may struggle with weight issues, just like women. There’s a lot of pressure on men to look young and fit, and Beverly Hills Physicians understands that all their patients want to look great on the outside to show how great they feel inside. We offer a variety of treatments including eyelid lifts and facelifts for men.

We know that you exercise and eat right to feel better and have more energy, and you want to see the results of that hard work. Crunches, lifts, and cardio all help improve your endurance and increase muscle mass, but sometimes a few deposits of fat here and there refuse to budge. Beverly Hills Physicians offers liposuction for men who need just a little extra help showing off their abs, pecs, and biceps.

One of the more common types of plastic surgery that men choose is male rhinoplasty. Most men don’t want a smaller nose, but they do want adjustments to bumps, ridges, blemishes, or the general shape. Sometimes, men break their noses as active boys and that translates into uneven noses as adults; sometimes, genetics leaves a mark that can be changed. Beverly Hills Physicians offers rhinoplasty as well as other facial enhancements, not to change your appearance, but to increase your natural attractiveness and improve your self confidence.

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