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Extra Large Breast Implants from BHP and John Lynn Baeke, M.D.

Beverly Hills Physicians is pleased to announce that we now offer extra large breast implants provided by nationally renowned plastic surgeon John Lynn Baeke, M.D. We believe that our partnership with Dr. Baeke makes our offices the premier Southern California resource for women who want to achieve an unusually voluptuous and bountiful appearance.

Women who want to go big can do so beautifully and safely, but the extra amount of size and weight involved in employing XL breast implants calls for a physician with an extra-large depth of knowledge and ability. Dr. Baeke is a widely published expert and is acknowledged as among the nation’s finest plastic surgeons. In partnership with his wife, Suzanne, a noted plastic surgery nurse in her own right, the doctor has developed a nationwide reputation extending from his native Kansas City to practices in Texas and here in Southern California. 

XlimpDr. Baeke’s well-honed abilities are especially important for extra-large implants because the technique has some important differences from standard breast augmentation. Specifically, while the majority of breast implants involve the use of silicone gel, XL implants exclusively employ implants filled with saline solution. 

Many XL implant patients currently have sizable implants. Women who do not currently have implants will typically need to start with smaller implants. However, Dr. Baeke is also noted for his skill with tissue expansion techniques that were originally developed for breast reconstruction procedures.

The good news is that beautiful breasts that go beyond the ordinary are available for women who want them. To learn more about XL breast augmentation Dr. Baeke and the full range of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, call us at the number on your screen or request a consultation.

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