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At Beverly Hills Physicians, you’ll find the best team of medical specialists in Southern California. Though we are well-known for plastic surgery, our network hosts physicians, dentists, aestheticians and weight loss specialists. Essentially, our goal is always to provide truly life-changing beauty and wellness solutions, including a variety of weight loss surgery options like gastric sleeve.

In Los Angeles, lap band surgery is always an increasingly popular procedure do in large part to its minimally invasive and entirely-reversible nature. However, many patients have a difficult time losing adequate weight through the procedure, and end up having lap band revision to gastric sleeve surgery. This is not an indication of failure, but that the patient needs more help in finding their weight loss path. For those who have already undergone weight loss treatment under a lesser medical team, the expert surgical team at BHP even provides revision weight loss surgery, often removing the lap-band and converting it to a gastric sleeve. This procedure will not be the only way to get your weight back on track, though. Our board-certified surgeons will closely monitor your habits regarding diet and exercise, as well as your emotional state as you begin your journey to a healthier, happier life experience.

If you’re ready to embrace natural health, beauty and wellness in your own life, contact BHP today for a free initial consultation. When undergoing the process at BHP, we’ll walk you through the recovery process and weight loss journey. Call today to get started on your weight loss journey.

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