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Enjoy Your Summer Hikes and Walks with Pain-Free Feet

Beverly Hills Physicians works with an alliance of podiatrists who can fix a wide range of foot problems before this season is over

There’s a reason why commercials prominently feature actors triumphantly standing on top of a beautiful hill, cliff, or mountainside; it’s because there’s very little as awe-inspiring and liberating as a hike during the gorgeous summer months. How disappointing it must be, then, for those who are stuck at home suffering this summer because of severely pain-ridden feet. Beverly Hills Physicians—a world-renowned network of plastic surgeons, weight loss doctors, podiatrists, and more working together throughout Southern California—offers solutions for every foot problem imaginable. From the simplest topical solutions that prevent ingrown toenail surgery to the most complicated Achilles tendon surgery restoring leg function, the talented podiatrists and their associates at Beverly Hills Physicians can truly do it all when it comes to corrective foot surgery.

More importantly, the Beverly Hills Physicians team understands how important minimally-invasive and preventative approaches are to most patients. During a free consultation with a BHP podiatrist, the doctor can fully evaluate any problematic foot issue and offer the most appropriate course of action. For example, bunions can often be treated in many different ways, depending on the severity. Before presenting a bunion surgery to a patient, the doctor at Beverly Hills Physicians can also suggest conservative methods in some cases for those who prefer avoiding an operation. Then, together, the patient and the podiatrist will weigh the pros and cons of surgery versus these approaches—surgery tends to be quicker and more effective, for instance—and they will embark on a plan for healing together.

The podiatrists working for Beverly Hills Physicians are also incredibly experienced and innovating in the field, meaning that any surgery they perform will be accomplished by skilled and precise hands. This minimizes potential complications due to botched surgery and also makes for a faster recovery period. Knowing this, the patients who come to Beverly Hills Physicians can expect a speedy recuperation time, quickly getting back onto the gorgeous paths and trails they’ve been eyeballing all summer.

Aesthetic foot concerns are taken seriously at Beverly Hills Physicians, as well. Those who are self-conscious about their feet often find themselves less sociable at outdoor events and will restrict the types of shoes they wear to avoid any attention. The BHP podiatrists can address any type of cosmetic issue when it comes to the feet, from flat feet, warts, too long toes, and other pain-causing problems that also look unattractive like ingrown toenails, hammertoes, and much more. The patients who meet with the administrative and medical staff at Beverly Hills Physicians are frequently surprised to learn at how easy and effective surgery can be for improving the look of their feet.

For examples of the work done by Beverly Hills Physicians, visit www.beverlyhillsphysicians.com to browse a list of cosmetic and restorative procedures and to read testimonials. They can also be reached to schedule a free consultation at 1-800-788-1416.

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