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End the Post-Pregnancy Blues

End the Post-Pregnancy Blues

If you’ve just given birth in the recent past, you might be experiencing some post-pregnancy blues. It’s no surprise, when everything around you has changed, from your lifestyle to your energy level. Most of all, your body has gone through changes that could make throw just about anyone for a loop. Sagging skin, extra weight, stretch marks, and more are natural after effects that often occur after having a baby, but just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it can’t change for the better. At Beverly Hills Physicians, our incredible mommy makeover can help you feel better than ever.

Beverly Hills Physicians has many different plastic surgery options designed for new mothers who want to get their pre-pregnancy body back on track. Usually the mommy makeover features the tummy tuck, which removes the stretched out skin and fatty tissue that can appear after birth. Another common plastic surgery for new moms is breast augmentation, which lifts and adjusts your breasts to looking better than ever before, even after months of breastfeeding. Vaginal reconstruction is another option, for women who have experienced involuntary urination or loss of enjoyment during sex.

At Beverly Hills Physicians, you will have access to the top plastic surgeons and beauty experts in Southern California. We have offices located in Beverly Hills, Encino, Pasadena, Thousand Oaks, Valencia, and Oxnard for your convenience. If you still aren’t sure if a mommy makeover is right for you, check out our plastic surgery before and after gallery to see the amazing results other patients have experiences. Call today to set up a free consultation.

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