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Ear Surgery or Otoplasty

Ear Surgery or Otoplasty

Ear Reshaping, or Otoplasty, can change the shape of your ears to improve their appearance, and put them in balance with the rest your face. It is commonly performed to correct protruding or excessively large ears. Surgery can be performed at any age, and is frequently performed on adults. Children should wait until the ear has reached near full development at around age 5 or 6. By correcting the ears before a child enter school, potential psychological trauma can be avoided.

Otoplasty involves changing the framework of the ear cartilage, which modifies the way the skin drapes over it, and the overall appearance of the ear. Otoplasty is usually performed through a small incision hidden on the back of the ear, near the crease. Once the incision is made, the cartilage is reshaped and the ear set back closer to the head to create the desired look. The scar is normally inconspicuous and well-hidden after it has healed.

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