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Don’t Give Up On a New You

Don’t Give Up On a New You

When patients elect weight loss surgery, they do so with a sense of hope that they are entering into a journey towards a healthier life. For most patients, especially if they get their surgery with the talented surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians, this is true. Yet, some patients find that they are not losing the amount of weight that they had hoped after weight loss surgery, and they get very discouraged. Unfortunately, some of these patients see this one road block as a sign that they should give up on the process entirely, even though this is not the only option. Many patients are not aware that they can go to Beverly Hills Physicians for a lap band revision to a gastric sleeve procedure that is proven to help many distressed Lap Band patients achieve their weight loss goals.

While both the Lap Band and the gastric sleeve have been proven to help patients lose weight, patients who have a sleeve gastrectomy are shown on average to lose the weight faster. For this reason, the gastric sleeve procedure is often recommended for morbidly obese patients who are currently suffering from dangerous health conditions that need to be alleviated as soon as possible.

Luckily, if you need a revision surgery, or are a first time patient who is exploring their options for weight loss surgery, there is no better place to go than Beverly Hills Physicians. Not only are our surgeons the best at what they do, but we have an outstanding support staff who can guide patients through their weight loss process.

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