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Don’t be Afraid to Treat Yourself!

Don’t be Afraid to Treat Yourself!

Many people, especially new mothers, spend all of their time caring for someone else. While it is incredibly important to make sacrifices to make sure that your baby grows up in the best way possible, it is still important to take time to care for yourself. That is why we have worked hard to put together a package of mommy makeover procedures that are meant to help women get back to pre-pregnancy shape. With the help of Beverly Hills Physicians, you no longer have to choose between doing what is best for your child, and doing what is best for yourself.

During pregnancy and breast feeding, women find that their breasts sag and lose a lot of their pre-pregnancy shape. Luckily, a breast lift or breast augmentation with the talented surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians can help reshape breasts to how they looked before pregnancy. This is just one of the many plastic surgery options available to patients of Beverly Hills Physicians. Another popular surgical option is the tummy tuck procedure that is regarded by many as the absolute best way to get rid of loose skin and some stretch marks. Because the stomach contracts so quickly after childbirth, women are often left with loose skin that can be incredibly difficult to get rid of. Luckily, our surgeons are incredibly skilled and experienced when it comes to performing the tummy tuck procedure, and they are experts at giving men and women the flat stomach that they have always dreamed of.

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