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Don’t Settle for Less than the Best; Go With Beverly Hills Physicians

The high-standards of US medical care and the innovations of the Los Angeles cosmetic surgery community make the premium services of Beverly Hills Physicians a true value.

 It seems like it’s every week that we read a disturbing news story about an American getting a plastic surgery procedure like a breast augmentation or liposuction in another country. These men and women, who were hoping for life-changing results at very low prices, are left in pain, disfigured, or worse. The team at Beverly Hills Physicians wants to remind everyone that an unbelievable bargain is usually too good to be true, especially for such delicate procedures as a rhinoplasty or tummy tuck. Besides standards that don’t often meet the safety minimums of American healthcare, these facilities often provide subpar results as well as inadequate aftercare.

The board certified plastic surgeons and their support staff at Beverly Hills Physicians believe that outstanding care during the time following a surgery is crucial in achieving the best results, as evidenced by their stunning collection of plastic surgery before and after photos. Patients who go abroad for plastic surgery often neglect this recovery period in a few ways: they won’t stay the 10 days after surgery that the American Society of Plastic Surgeons recommends; they won’t follow-up with the same physician down the line; and, they’ll often over-exert themselves exploring their destination. This leads to diminished results for procedures that are often already not performed by skilled hands.

Moreover, the services provided by Beverly Hills Physicians are often much less costly than one would think, especially for work done by doctors of this caliber. Unlike many other medical groups in the area, Beverly Hills Physicians always offers a free consultation with a doctor for their procedures. These doctors are some of the busiest in the industry, which means they don’t have to charge an inflated rate to make ends meet. Beverly Hills Physicians also posts incredible specials that rotate every few months. Currently they are offering a $3,900 saline implant breast augmentation, a $6,500 tummy tuck, a $9,500 buttock enhancement through fat transfer, and other great deals through the end of the month.

Beverly Hills Physicians will also work with any patient to work out any financing concerns. When needed, the staff at Beverly Hills Physicians works closely with a creditor to guarantee that clients don’t have to wait to start feeling better about their appearance. Similarly, the specialists of Beverly Hills Physicians can communicate with any insurance company to determine if any costs can be paid through a client’s health coverage.

Saving money by traveling abroad creates a wide range of added costs and health-risks. Non-monetary costs like underwhelming results and delayed recovery period can often lead to later expenses like revision surgery and time missed from work. In these cases, one-time savings turns out to not actually be a bargain. Plus, there is nothing more valuable than a person’s health and well-being.

If you’re considering plastic surgery—or if you’ve had one abroad and now require a corrective procedure—then please contact Beverly Hills Physicians for a free consultation. During this complimentary meeting, costs and financing can be discussed in clear terms as well as the patient’s expectations and recovery time. Beverly Hills Physicians can be reached by phone at 1-800-788-1416 or online at www.beverlyhillsphysicians.com.

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