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Don’t Lose Hope: Revision Weight Loss Surgery with BHP is an Option

If you’ve had previous lap band surgery and you’ve failed to achieve your goal weight, you might be suffering from depression and feeling like you have some sort of character flaw. However, at Beverly Hills Physicians, many patients have had successful revision weight loss surgery, where they are able to lose weight and keep it off in the long run. Perhaps you had lap band surgery with a less than thorough bariatric surgeon who didn’t place as much important on aftercare, or you weren’t appropriately diligent to your lifestyle changes to get down to your goal weight. Whatever your experience, you can count on Beverly Hills Physicians to get your down to a healthy weight the second time around.

One of the most popular conversion surgeries is “band to sleeve,” or converting the lap band to a gastric sleeve. Sleeve gastrectomy, as it is also known, involves the removal of a sizeable portion of the stomach both to limit the patient’s stomach capacity, and to curb their hunger and cravings. The reason patients feel less hungry and do not savor food as much as they once did is because of the removal of a section of the stomach that produces the “hunger hormone,” known as ghrelin. Once the level of this hormone drops drastically, patients feel far less hungry.

Remember that if you haven’t lost weight from your first procedure, it isn’t a personal reflection on you. Our doctors are Beverly Hills Physicians look forward to working with you and helping you get back on the weight loss track today! Just call us and set up your FREE consultation to learn more.

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