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Skin Care &
Laser Specialists

Skin Care & Laser Specialists

A well trained aesthetician can offer you a variety of services, but most importantly her major interest is helping you to achieve and maintain beautiful skin over many years. These are the steps which we will follow on your first visit; subsequent visits will depend on your needs and the evaluation of the aesthetician.

A client history is taken. This is usually comprehensive and includes a medical and surgical history, social and family history, as well as a work history. All of these details are needed for competent professional skin care.

Skin cleansing to remove make-up is next. A critical clini­cal evaluation of the skin requires that all make-up be removed.

Examination of the skin is made visually and by touch. Results of the examination are explained to the client and a treatment program outlined.

There are many treatment programs offered by aestheticians for specific conditions of the face and body, the most common are described here. Both men and women can benefit from these treatments.

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