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Dealing with the Weight Loss Headlines

Looking at weight loss related news articles can be confounding. The day we wrote this, we saw news stories from reputable journalistic outlets about how some believe that cinnamon can help us to lose weight (at least as long as we’re not getting it from a Cinnabon roll); how some of us may be genetically predisposed towards holding on to the excess fat; and how some people are using selfies and social media to help keep themselves motivated to stick to their weight loss regimens.

The problem is that all of these news stories are confusing, often not so scientific, and are of questionable value because, even when they are accurate they very rarely contain much information we can actually use. The upshot is that we might feel even more helpless than before as we try to control our weight with mixed results, or no results at all. After all, chemistry aside, the only way putting cinnamon on our food is going to help us lose an appreciable amount of weight is if we put it on just in our coffee but also on foods like spaghetti and meatballs. (Yuck.)

The good news is that losing a relatively small amount of weight is highly achievable with a little effort, if we can stay focused on the basics of eating less and exercising more, possibly with the help of a weight loss coach. For those of us with more significant amounts of weight to lose, however, bariatric medicine has been shown to make permanent weight loss a great deal easier to achieve by actually reducing our desire to eat, rather than through some kind of “weird trick.” Such procedures as the gastric sleeve and the Orbera weight loss balloon have proven to be very highly effective.

If you’d like to start next year off by facing your major or minor weight issues face to face, BHP has options available that can address your personal situation. Give us a call or visit our contact page.  

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