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Cosmetic Treatments are Increasingly a Young Person’s Game, Too


Gossip sites recently reported on 25-year-old “The Bachelor” contestant Elly Miles, who opened up about having cosmetic work done before appearing on the reality TV show. She revealed that in addition to having breast implants, she has been getting Botox injections to smooth out frown lines she’s had since she was a teenager. The young woman noted that, for years, she resisted the idea, instead trying to cover the lines with makeup. Unfortunately, Ms. Miles said, her makeup would still settle into the lines. Ms. Miles isn’t alone. Noninvasive cosmetic treatments such as injectables and fillers that used to be associated with middle-aged and older patients are becoming more popular among the 20 and 30-something crowd.

While injectables and other cosmetic treatments tend to be seen as solutions for wrinkles that have already settled into the skin, millennials are now using the treatments as a sort of beauty prophylactic in order to maintain their skin’s youthfulness. By preventing signs of aging through small doses of cosmetic treatments, younger patients are able to keep fine lines and creases at bay.

These days, beauty-conscious consumers are marketed countless serums and creams that all but promise perfectly smooth skin. Facial lines and wrinkles can still show through makeup and topical products can only do so much. The only way to ensure smooth looking skin is by fighting the creases from the inside. By smoothing and filling out fine lines beneath the skin through injectables like Botox, patients are left with a fresh and youthful appearance.

Botox’s popularity has soared in recent years. Due to its quick and noninvasive nature, enhancing one’s look has never been more accessible. Injections are very powerful but are, however, temporary, which is why many patients ultimately turn to a traditional surgical facelift for a more permanent improvement. It ultimately comes down to the patient’s personal priorities.

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