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Cosmetic Surgery with an Emphasis on Enhancement Over Radical Alteration

For many, the term “plastic surgery” immediately invokes certain images, and not all of them are accurate. Though society has become increasingly accepting of cosmetic surgeries and its procedures, a small minority of people falsely believe that cosmetic surgery is about escaping from oneself, or pursuing unnatural, impossible features while—on the contrary—most procedures are designed to enhance a patient’s very own unique, individual appearance. At Beverly Hills Physicians, we offer the services of highly experienced surgeons who are dedicated to helping patients achieve stunning results with a range of high quality plastic surgery procedures.

While it’s true that some patients come in armed with pictures of a particular celebrity’s body part that they think would be attractive on them, procedures usually begin more organically. Most successful surgeries take place after close consultation with a highly experienced surgeon who focuses on that patient’s individual needs with procedures that are custom tailored to their own face and/or body. It’s not simply a matter of attaching a new nose or set of breasts. An expert surgeon will sculpt and craft the ideal image, so that the results look as attractive and natural as possible, regardless of the procedure.

In addition to helping a patient achieve an ideal image, a major area of plastic surgery is reconstructive surgery to correct defects, injuries, disfiguring surgeries such as mastectomies, or congenital problems. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 20 million plastic surgery procedures were performed to restore normal function and appearance. These surgeries have been proven to improve the quality of life for patients who were able to enjoy a boost in confidence, self-esteem, and overall happiness. Because body image is such an important contributing factor when it comes to how people see themselves, up to 96% of patients who undergo successful procedures report improved mental health. With results this positive, the increase both in the number of procedures performed as well as society’s acceptance makes perfect sense.

We pride ourselves at Beverly Hills Physicians prides itself on providing patients with one of the most highly skilled and experienced plastic surgery teams available. Moreover, we develop close relationships with our patients to help them understand their options, and to find the procedures that are right for them. We believe that the decision to undergo one of their highly effective treatment options is one made out of personal empowerment.

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