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Cosmetic Surgery up more than 200%, Study Reports

Cosmetic surgery is on the rise in the US, and it shows no signs of slowing down. According to a new study commissioned by web site RealSelf.com, more than 1 out of every 5 women (20.2 million) claim they are seeking plastic surgery. Most are young women, and 90% of that age group surveyed stated they were unhappy with at least one body part. Of that 90%, 30% reported wanting to pursue a cosmetic operation. Though centers for plastic surgery are popping up in record numbers to meet the increasing demand, we at Beverly Hills Physicians are becoming busier than ever with both new and returning patients.

Cosmetic surgery is by no means a recent invention, but it has certainly come more into vogue in recent years. Perhaps driven by the explosion of social media and technology that has led to the selfie era, the American public is increasingly much more willing to not only accept plastic surgery in others, but to seek it out for themselves. “As cosmetic procedures continue to become mainstream, millions of women are overcoming social stigma to pursue cosmetic changes they have been researching,” says Tom Seerly, CEO of RealSelf. The rise in plastic surgery procedures may seem dramatic. However, the trend has existed long before the recent surge in procedures. In 2001, body alteration through less invasive means, such as dermatological treatments or medical spas, brought in $12 billion a year. That year, 24% of the women surveyed reported feeling dissatisfied with their appearance, and willing to undergo treatments compared with the 30% that reported being willing to pursue surgery today. These numbers indicate that it might not be the patient’s desire that has changed, so much as their confidence and comfort with seeking cosmetic surgery.

According to the study, the most popular area of dissatisfaction was consistent regardless of age, race, or ethnicity. Across the board, women reported being most unhappy with their midsection, with 65% identifying their back or abdomen as their top problem area with the chest area being a close second, pointing to the confident popularity of breast implants or reductions. The study further concluded that women who seek surgery experience a number of psychosocial benefits from cosmetic procedures, with the top three being:

    1. Overall confidence level
    2. Self-esteem
    3. Positive opinion regarding their own level of sex appeal

At Beverly Hills Physicians, we are here to help both women and men experience the benefits of cosmetic treatments for themselves. A patient’s decision about where to obtain cosmetic procedures matters a great deal, and at BHP we’re happy to say that we are the center patients rely on for the best possible outcomes.

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