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Cosmetic Procedure Interest Booms in the Zoom Age


A recent article over at Inside Hook reports on a sudden increase in cosmetic procedure interest since video conferencing became the leading form of communication. Due to the recent closure of physical offices because of new social distancing policies, video calls and meetings have vastly boosted the amount of time individuals unintentionally spend staring at themselves through the small, mirror-like box onscreen that often gives people an unflattering reflection of themselves. The article explains that, while individuals normally pay attention mostly to what others are saying in meetings or maybe gathering their thoughts for what they are going to say, now that their faces are staring back at them it’s hard not to dwell on the imperfections they see. The fact of the matter is that, while beauty treatments and procedures may be on hold for now, individuals can utilize this time to think about what they might like to have done and it’s never a bad time to start the ball rolling on procedures in the future.

It can be hard for some people to accept the fact that our appearances do matter to us a great deal. Whether it’s making a good first impression on a date or in an interview, how a person presents themself can make or break an opportunity. An individual’s appearance also plays an important role in self-esteem, saying that when people feel good about their appearance, they typically exude more confidence.

Due to advances in medical technology, improving one’s looks has never been easier to achieve. When it comes to video conferencing, what most individuals come to worry about are facial lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. These can all be treated both through traditional facelifts that as well as through nonsurgical treatments such as Botox or other injectables. What most people once assumed was reserved for Hollywood elites and the like in years past has increasingly become accessible to the everyday individual, offering everyone the ability to put their best face forward. 

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