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Cosmetic Foot Surgery


Your feet take you everywhere you want to go. They are some of the most important features of your body for locomotion, balance and mobility. And especially in the sunny cities such as Beverly Hills where open-toed shoes abound, they can also be a very visible aspect of your overall appearance.

You may initially reason that cosmetic surgery has no place in podiatry. After all, plastic surgery only addresses improving appearance, right? Well in truth, plastic surgery can contribute to both beauty and wellness equally, treating ailments and discomfort as well as improving the physical nature of your appearance.

Fashion and health can often clash in today’s society, and no case is a better example than that of the high-heeled shoe. With the evolution of ever-higher heels and slimmer toe boxes, women’s feet often take the brunt of the abuse, and wellness is frequently compromised by these exceedingly extreme styles.

In the past, podiatrists performed surgery on patients in response to painful foot problems.  Today, many patients undergo cosmetic foot surgery to change the appearance of their feet, which often times also prevents future structural problems.  Since 90% of women’s foot deformities can be attributed to improperly-fitted shoes, correcting feet so they fit properly and beautifully into shoes is really correcting a problem before it occurs.

Fortunately, plastic surgery is no longer a benefit reserved for the rich and famous. These days it has become a mainstream part of many individuals’ self-maintenance regimes. From beauty-enhancing rhinoplasty and liposuction to pain-alleviating procedures, plastic surgery has become a very affordable option with more procedures covered in part by insurance every day.

Aesthetic foot surgery covers a vast range of conditions suffered by podiatry patients, including:

Achilles Tendon Tears and Ruptures

Achilles tendon ruptures are common for active individuals. They can be very painful, and weaken the affected leg. A podiatrist can expertly manage the soft tissue overlying the Achilles tendon to reconstruct the area with minimal scarring or loss of strength.

Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries can tear ligaments and cause pain and instability. Nerve supply can also be compromised. Ankle reconstructive surgery can restore the form and function of the ankles, ensuring they can support your body weight when you walk.

Bone Spurs

An irregularity of the bone or an outgrowth of bone or cartilage, a bone spur can cause irritation from the pressure of walking. This constant increase in pressure over the area can result in corns, calluses and pain. Bone spurs can be easily treated with surgery by simply rasping off the offending bone or cartilage.


One of the most common foot problems in the country, bunions are a painful bumps that requires an individual to purchase shoes with a wider toe box. This is most definitely not a condition conducive to wearing little red heels. A bunionectomy can be performed to remove this bony bump and realign the toes.


The shortening of the tendons responsible for the control and movement of a toe can cause the symptoms of hammertoe. The affected toe bends into a claw-like position and can cause imbalance and pain. This symptom is a common result of wearing high-heeled shoes. Surgery can loosen the related connective tissue and place the toe back in its original position.


A neuroma is an abnormal nerve that may be due to trauma or abnormal foot function. Usually located in the ball of the foot, this type of nerve damage is painful and becomes increasingly more uncomfortable with walking. If the nerve becomes permanently damaged, it may be removed by surgical means.

Toe Shortening

A long second or third toe is not uncommon in general population, yet it is not a normal condition. This situation can cause an embarrassing situation where the long second toe is sticking out of the shoe. A toe shortening procedure is speedy and safe with minimal down time, allowing you to wear the shoes you want without the need to purchase unnecessarily large sizes or suffer through constant pain.

In modern society, podiatry has a longstanding history of successful partnership with plastic surgery for all types of conditions. Podiatrist can help treat the effects of everyday living and the resultant injuries, deformities, and gradual symptoms that come along with today’s active lifestyle, business attire, and fashion trends.

It’s of ultimate importance to keep this complex structure of the body in good working order. After all, your feet take a great deal of abuse day after day, and you rely on them to keep you moving throughout your lifetime. A good foot and ankle surgeon can recommend the proper procedure and gracefully walk you each step of the way down the path to improving your podiatric prowess.



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